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Whether you are about to embark on a new project using Oracle’s Business Intelligence (BI) & data warehousing technologies or you are mid-way through a project and realize you need extra help, WorldVision Technologies’ team of consultants can work with you to ensure the success of your project. We offer a broad range of consulting services across our core areas of business with a focus on maximizing customers’ BI capacity and capabilities.

We work with our clients to help them adopt BI strategically and, move through the BI “maturity model”. we begin by evaluating our client’s current situation and then help them focus on immediate BI priorities, so that they can achieve and maintain a strategic BI initiative to create lasting change.

As a result, many organizations are now engaging WorldVision Technologies to manage the full BI project lifecycle. This approach significantly reduces risk and cost while speeding delivery cycles and higher levels of satisfaction.

The key services within the full project lifecycle methodology are described below.


Successful BI projects offer a traceable chain of understanding from the highest-level business requirements through detailed technical delivery. The planning phase of a BI project should create an awareness of the business’s overall information model and its associated data assets. This ensures subsequent technical design decisions can be made more pragmatically, and technology delivery can proceed with focus and efficiency.

Key WorldVision services areas within the ‘prepare’ phase include:

  • Business/data Requirements Analysis
  • Project Planning
  • Developer Training


Success in the build phase of a BI project requires a blend of close project management, development agility, high user involvement, and early visibility of deliverables. We provide a clear but flexible implementation methodology along with in-depth knowledge of product functionality and development approaches and techniques.

Key WorldVision services areas within the ‘build’ phase include:

  • Project Management
  • Solution Architecture
  • Data Architecture
  • DW/BI Development


In the post implementation phase, there is an opportunity to maximize ROI and achieve strategic and transformational change. BI governance and best practices must be instilled within the organization through high levels of user support and training.

Key WorldVision services areas within the ‘sustain’ phase include:

  • BI Governance/Best Practice
  • Support
  • End User Training

Other WorldVision consulting services areas:

OBIEE 12C Services

As an implementation specialist for Oracle Business Intelligence, data warehousing, and performance management systems, WorldVision Technologies was prepared for the new release of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 12C.

To ensure organizations can benefit from the powerful functionality of this comprehensive BI tool, WorldVision Technologies has created a series of innovative implementation, upgrade, and training offerings designed to deliver maximum return on existing and future BI investment.

OBIEE 12C Ready

WorldVision’s OBIEE 12C Ready is a review and roadmap service delivering a report designed to show how your organization is currently using OBIEE, how to maximize your investment in OBIEE skills and technology, how moving to OBIEE 12C can make a real difference to your business; and a plan, based on WorldVision’s best practice methodology, for how to make it happen. Work with a WorldVision expert BI solution consultant to find out how your organization can compete better on OBIEE 12C.

OBIEE 12C Upgrade

The WorldVision OBIEE 12C Upgrade is a packaged upgrade service based on WorldVision’s unparalleled technical product knowledge, and best practice methodologies developed through many years of experience in delivering Oracle BI, DW and EPM solutions. WorldVision’s 12C Upgrade service is designed to deliver your existing OBIEE solution on the new 12C platform, in rapid timeframes at low cost, giving your organization the opportunity to take advantage of the wealth of new capabilities on offer in OBIEE 12C.

OBIEE 12C Implementation

WorldVision provides a full end-to-end OBIEE 12C implementation service based upon its proven Delphi implementation methodology. This agile and iterative approach ensures engagement at all levels of the organization, from the earliest planning stages through to go live, driving successful return on investment and enabling business intelligence throughout the enterprise.

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Areas where our expert services have added value to BI implementations include:

  • Business/Data Requirements Analysis – Engaging with all levels of the business and addressing data requirements, relationships, granularity, sources and quality to provide a solid basis for technical design decisions and project planning.
  • Data Architecture – With core data entities and data domains, the dimensions, hierarchies and measures that will underpin the BI solution can be defined using common terminology understood by all BI stakeholders.
  • Solution Architecture – Based on an awareness of the business and data requirements, an optimal solution architecture can be defined that meets both business and IT requirements.
  • Vendor Roadmap – WorldVision works closely with Oracle product development and has a close understanding of the technology roadmap for their BI, DW and EPM product suites. By applying this knowledge of current and future product developments, WorldVision can ensure the correctness of the technical design and provide valuable insights into the project decision-making process.
  • BI/DW Development – Knowledge of development approaches and techniques can be rapidly transferred to internal teams in order to enhance timescales and efficiency.
  • Project Management – Forming and recruiting a BI project team that maximizes the use of user-driven, agile methodologies whilst providing project transparency, governance and compliance with your IT standards ensures the success of your project and a sustainable, low-maintenance business intelligence solution.
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