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Defense Language Institute (DLI)

WTECH is currently providing application development support to the DLI’s Foreign Language Center. DLI needed a skilled software developer and database integrator to develop a web based (.Net) application delivered through DLIFLC SharePoint. The application serves as a resource to the DLI to track CFLTP and manage students. The application also manages the lifecycles of RFPs, tracks language training course delivery, and provides an interface that aligns TOs with course, faculty, and students attending the course.

The DOE now has consolidated and streamlined Department-wide efforts to integrate financial, budgetary, procurement, personnel, program, and performance information.

This unified system is supported by a central data warehouse and portal that links common data elements from each of the Department’s business systems supporting both external and internal reporting. As a subcontractor to Appsential, WTECH tasks included architecting, designing, and developing business intelligence application software programming.


WorldVision Technologies was subcontracted to support the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). We designed, developed, and deployed all Extract, Transform and Load(ETL), reports, and dashboards. In addition, we served as the Oracle OBIEE architect and participated in the implementation of the OBIEE solution for ATFs N-Force application while collaborating with other contractors at ATF and mentoring their technical teams. We were able to demonstrate the functionality of the system by interfacing with ATF end users on the OBIEE application.


WorldVision Technologies provided Oracle OBIEE expertise as part of a team supporting the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). We configured the OBIEE integration with WebSphere portal. We also designed, developed, and implemented case, action, risk management, risk assessment management, content management, and activity subject areas by extracting data from a Siebel 8.1.1 OLTP system and loading the OBIEE data warehouse. WorldVision created a diverse range of summary level dashboards with built-in drill down capabilities for slicing and dicing the data, and integrated OBIEE into WebSphere Portal.


WorldVision Technologies worked to provide the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) with data warehouse architecture. We implemented Oracle OBIEE for NLRB case management analytics, and applied strategic planning, prioritization, and project management expertise consistently achieving critical deadlines while maintaining high quality standards.

WorldVision designed, developed, and implemented case, action, and activity subject areas by extracting data from a Siebel 7.9.2 OLTP call center application and loading the OBIEE data warehouse. We created and integrated a diverse range of complex measures and summary level dashboards with built-in drill down capabilities for slicing and dicing the data.


WorldVision Technologies was on the team supporting Bunker Hill Community College, Bergen Community College, and Lethbridge College, Alberta, Canada with custom integration services and support. The goal of the contract was to transform technology for the colleges to better serve their students. We developed a strategic approach for business practices to focus more on student services and success, while working across functions to lead a series of ERP system optimizations, implement new technology, and strengthen reporting tools. As a result of WorldVision’s support, the admissions application process became faster and easier. Additionally, student advising capabilities improved because more comprehensive data was available. Students gained greater access to personalized services and information through a web portal and mobile technology. Their learning plans were supported for the first time by a refined degree-audit functionality, and, ultimately, student’s spent less time standing in line because the add/drop functionality was automated.

On another component of the contract, WorldVision Technologies performed integration design services and process architecture support to convert Unidata custom paragraphs to Ellucian’s Envision programs. This is a custom (COTS) application and software integration programming language. The systems were meant for managing and maintaining student enrollment at Bunker Hill Community College (BHCC). We provided software consulting services to assist CampusWorks by converting custom paragraphs that were not standards-based, and had heavy maintenance expenses. WorldVision Technologies support reduced BHCC’s production support issues and maintenance overhead.

WorldVision Technologies also delivered software consulting services for implementing the Ellucian Reporting system and team members served as subject matter experts on the data orchestrator product. This product migrates data from the student database to a data warehouse database. We designed the approach for integration and modernization for the Higher One Interface that integrates the student database with payment processing engines.

WorldVision Technologies consulted on the process for converting legacy programs that sent student payment plan details to the Higher One system and then developed and deployed the new interface. The approach was unique in that the code was independent from the database layer allowing the same code to be used for transferring data from a Unidata or SQL Server to an Oracle database. This is important not only from cost savings perspective but also for future integration needs between different databases.


WorldVision Technologies performed was subcontracted support the DOE Chief Financial Officer. We delivered BI management and Oracle OBIEE solutions architecture while our subject matter experts implemented the OBIEE solutions for Oracle Primavera Portfolio Management system, Oracle Federal Financials, and Compusearch PRISM procurement systems

WorldVision successfully upgraded the OBIEE environment from to and architected data model, ETL components, and BI solutions for integrating data coming from multiple source systems. We designed, developed, and implemented the portfolio analytics system that gets data from the Oracle Primavera database. We also designed and built several BI dashboards in a way that provided a richer user interface for the DOE customer.

WorldVision Technologies integrated BI data into Weblogic web spaces using Oracle ADF technology. With this integration users were provided a one stop shop for their entire portal needs and self-service capabilities. Due to this, the number of help desk tickets was dramatically reduced allowing IT resources to be used more effectively on long term plans and proactive solutions. We are now responsible for the contract performing administration of an OBIEE 11G BI system for DOE.


WorldVision Technologies served as a subcontractor in support of the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Oracle applications by, performing development and support services.

WorldVision was part of the successful completion of the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Application Release Tracking System (HARTS), after the application entered production. The application complied with HUD’s Enterprise Architecture (EA), policies, infrastructure, and the current FHA transformation effort. We were also part of the team that performed updating and management of an integrated FHA modernization roadmap that will guide the order in which FHA business processes and systems are transformed and new systems are introduced into the FHA Oracle environment.


WorldVision Technologies served as senior technical consultants supporting Contra Costa Community College, Loyola College of Southern Maryland, Rider University, Baypath College, and Wittenberg University. The goal of the contract was to enable schools to look at their data and analyze the student enrollment patterns. We helped the schools achieve this by standing up the enterprise data warehouse and developing reporting capabilities.

WorldVision delivered expert-level SQL programming and design services and was responsible for design and software development of SQL server reports and SQL Server Integration Services Packages. Our SQL subject matter experts provided technical consultation that included: Guiding the schools in defining the enterprise data warehouse using industry best practices, mentoring and providing hands-on consulting to the schools for designing the SQL Server Integration Services packages with low maintenance and foolproof log maintenance capabilities, building a sophisticated, automated module to streamline the deployment of SQL Server Integration code from one environment to other. Without this module, any development work that needed to be deployed to quality assurance or production would take four to five hours. Because of the new automation, school IT staff is able to deploy more development work in less than two hours.

WorldVision Technologies architected data warehouse solutions for customer reporting requirements by creating a data warehouse model. We designed and performed all custom application programming development for the warehouse including the software analysis and design of data models. We also performed unit testing, system testing, and then successfully deployed the data warehouse for use. WorldVision defined software and data requirements, designed and developed SQL scripts to extract data for student files and managed the Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM), including interfacing with the College customer for feedback.

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